Advanced Agile Requirements: The perfect workshop for software developers

The Perfect Workshop in Agile Training

The perfect workshop in agile training

Learning Connexions offers a unique opportunity, a one-day workshop, which focuses on providing you with the necessary skills in BDD practices. It also brings to you Scrum, which is an Agile framework for completing complex projects.

The advanced training is great for people who work in software development today. It offers you a more structured approach to project management and a quicker response to change. It also ensures the implementation of high-priority initiatives.

Scrum, can cover the people, products and techniques necessary for successfully implementing projects. This is essential in software development. It will offer your software improved stability, maintenance and usability. What’s more, you will see a significant reduction in errors.

Your learning is our concern

At Learning Connexions we place great importance on your education, learning and improvement. We believe in a holistic approach to education, so we want to help you reach your full potential. This is why we are interested in offering you value. In order for you to fully benefit from this agile training we have made it a practical workshop, in which you are the one who tests, codes and learns BDD by spending about 60-70% of the time in the lab.

Learning Connexions is a accredited organization partnered with the Scrum Alliance. We offer you comprehensive training, in which you are the most important element. This workshop will be centered on your learning and application of BDD, and you will be actively involved, with help from our trained professionals. John Ferguson Smart, the instructor of this workshop, is a specialist in the BDD domain, in automated testing and in software life cycle development optimization. All our trainers are very involved in the community, they write books and blogs, and when they don’t work for Learning Connexions they specialize in the domain they teach or speak at conferences on the same themes.

While you will be guided by trained professionals, the focus is on your understanding and learning. Your instructors are all very engaging, and they will be grateful to answer your questions and listen to your feedback.

A software developer skilled in BDD is a better developer

As this workshop is focused on teaching you the basics of BDD, you will be able to put theory into practice and see to the effect it will have on your work as a software developer. You will have substantially fewer errors, your code will be easier to understand and of a higher standard. It will improve your efficiency, focus and quality as a software developer.

A certified workshop in agile training is what any software developer needs in order to improve, achieve fewer errors, a more flexible code and better code structure. If your wish is to be a better software developer by means of adequate and professional training, in which you are offered value, knowledge and practical lab work, consider this and book early, because class numbers are limited!

Learning Connexions Course: Advanced Agile Requirements Practices Workshop with John Smart

London: 24th Nov 2014 – £575 + VAT

Cluj, Romania: 17th Nov 2014 – £495 + VAT


About Learning Connexions

Learning Connexions is a dedicated training, learning & development consultancy. We specialise in high–end training for developers, leaders and all types of software professionals. We deliver both public and private courses covering everything from Agile methodologies to technical courses in a variety of programming languages. We want all of our delegates to have a learning experience; our philosophy is to provide "practical, applicable knowledge" delivered by the best instructors in the world with excellent customer service.

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