Go beyond the basics: Succeeding with Agile

Adopting Agile is a bit like learning to play football, it is easy to understand the rules, kick a ball, and get on the pitch! But that doesn’t make you a good footballer or mean you can pull off pirouettes;, just like learning the Agile framework and understanding how it works, the roles & principles doesn’t make you an Agilist. Courses like the Certified Scrum Master Course and equivalent courses are designed to introduce you to Agile and lay the foundation for you to become Agile. In essence they teach you the rules and the ideals but not the skills. You still need to apply and learn so much from; perfecting user stories, to better estimating, improving team work and communication with middle managers. It’s easy to get lost in a plethora of questions with no answers in sight.

So what’s missing? Well there’s always the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ but the downside of this is you will only learn from your own mistakes which can easily lead to ‘one mistake too many’ or be at ‘great cost’ to your organisation. So how does an agile mind approach this adoption? Well you seek out the most knowledgeable and experienced and learn from the best. Someone who has the ability to help you deal with more challenging questions and has experienced the pitfalls and successes of an Agile project and can share the wisdom of his experiences with you. In other words learn from and get trained by Mike Cohn.

Mike Cohn is a Certified Scrum Trainer who was a co-founder of Scrum Alliance. Mike has over twenty years of experience in a variety of environments and specializes in helping companies adopt and improve their use of agile processes and techniques in order to build extremely high performance development organizations.

If you want to go beyond the basics and learn tips and techniques necessary to help an organization move beyond initial success to sustained agility. Drawing and expanding on concepts in Mike Cohn’s ‘Succeeding with Agile’ book, this agile project management training shows you how to get started and get good with agile or Scrum.

This course will enlighten participants in the ways they can effectively scale Scrum in a single location, or on a globally distributed team, it will consider what it means to be Agile while meeting regulatory compliance requirements, how to overcome common problems and will also introduce you to tools that measure the benefits of Agile.

This advanced course is suitable for anyone who has previously attended an introductory Agile or Scrum training course. This course is also appropriate to those experienced Agilists who are looking for answers to the hundreds of questions that arise during any Agile adoption.

Succeeding with Agile with Mike Cohn
11th – 12th September 2014, London, £1400 + VAT
Special Offer: 3 delegates for the price of 2

By Amaad Qureshi


About Learning Connexions

Learning Connexions is a dedicated training, learning & development consultancy. We specialise in high–end training for developers, leaders and all types of software professionals. We deliver both public and private courses covering everything from Agile methodologies to technical courses in a variety of programming languages. We want all of our delegates to have a learning experience; our philosophy is to provide "practical, applicable knowledge" delivered by the best instructors in the world with excellent customer service.

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