So you want to be a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)?

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, well the road to CSP is paved with SEU’s.

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz Agilists have to travel down the SEU paved “Lego brick road” to reach the wizard (Scrum Alliance) who will bestow upon you the title of Certified Scrum Professional.

Along the road just as Dorothy needed to acquire a heart, a brain and courage, Scrum Agilists will need to acquire the Certified Scrum Master or Certified Scrum Product Owner accreditation as well as earn SEU’s through courses like Advanced Scrum Master, Succeeding with Agile, Writing Effective User Stories & Estimating & Planning. The path to a CSP is all about continuous professional development sprinkled with a desire to obtain Scrum Mastery.

Through Learning Connexions we can help you on your path to becoming a CSP. We can give you the guidance and advice as to which course to choose and which paths to take, ensuring the experience you obtain is relevant to your career aspirations and focused towards becoming a CSP.

csp path

It takes 36 months of experience as well as the accumulation of 70 SEU’s to obtain the CSP accreditation.  Learning Connexions can help you earn your first 45 SEU’s through our courses. That’s not all, we can also help you obtain the other 25 SEU’s through our community work and industry connexions. The remaining SEU’s can be earned as follows:

o   Outside Events (up to 15 SEU’s)

o   Volunteer Service (up to 15 SEU’s)

o   Asynchronous Learning (up to 15 SEU’s)

o   Synchronous Learning (up to 15 SEU’s)

Learning Connexions works closely with the tech community and host regular Meet-Ups through our community hub as well as make our trainers available for community coaching/talks which can all contribute towards earning SEU’s. We can also consider you for doing some volunteer training/talks through our community hub or help provide introductions so you can engage in these activities to earn the required SEU points.

All in all Learning Connexions is your one stop shop to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional.

By Amaad Qureshi


About Learning Connexions

Learning Connexions is a dedicated training, learning & development consultancy. We specialise in high–end training for developers, leaders and all types of software professionals. We deliver both public and private courses covering everything from Agile methodologies to technical courses in a variety of programming languages. We want all of our delegates to have a learning experience; our philosophy is to provide "practical, applicable knowledge" delivered by the best instructors in the world with excellent customer service.

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